Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Today's Tech - Effect Veiler

Hi guys,

today I am going to be discussing where the format is going and what to expect.

Prior to YCS Toronto Effect Veiler reached 3 per deck, with current trends and the appending doom of Dark Worlds Effect Veiler is going to decrease in play since it doesn't do anything to them and they are going to be using cards like Dragged Down to the Grave and Mind Crush to clear your hand.

However in the Fairy match up Veiler is helpful just not as much as you think. It stops Earth which is good but since it will still go to the grave for Hyperion and it is a LVL 2 Tuner what is veiler really doing being a neg 1.

In plants Veiler does nothing, it is useless.

Against Monarchs it stops my play for 1 turn, I still have a 2400 beat stick.

T.G. it does nothing.

In my Frog Monarchs, I played triple Veiler because and solely because I couldn'y afford getting Trishula played on me since I would lose my Frog, and a card from my hand.

I more often then not used veiler as a LVL 1 tuner.

I need more versitile cards that can do more aggressive things, I may go as far to say I don't need Veiler anymore.

Again I was scared of Trish and only Agents and Fabled can first turn Trish me.

On that same note, I don't see Max C being very broken either I keep playing it wrong or people are just not stupid. But it doesn't work the way you want it to, I need to find and discover better "Hand Traps".

Leave your suggestions below, thanks.


  1. did u just say veiler a earth?

  2. Veiler stops Debris Dragon and Tour Guide when playing against plants...