Sunday, 11 March 2012

Disaster Dragon Deck Idea

Hey guys,

Just a quick post to help you guys building Disaster Dragons.

The idea stems trying to make the deck more consistent.

Poki Draco

Level 3 Fire Dragon


When this card is normal summoned, you can add 1 "Poki Draco" from your deck to your hand.

This creates a perfect situation for summoning your Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon, as well as allowing you to preform more normal summons later.

This card can also be revived by Debris Dragon for easy level Black Rose Dragons.

Hope this helps make your Dragon decks consistent,

Good Luck.

See ya later.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

How To Beat Wind-Ups and Dino Rabbit

Hey guys,

How have you been?

Today I will be discussing some ideas you can implement that aren't going to cost you an arm and a leg that will give you and advantage against Wind-Ups and Dino Rabbit.

The first being Gozen Match,

It really shuts down Wind-Ups since all of their monsters are different Attributes as well as their XYZ's being completely different Attributes.

This also can hurt Dino Rabbit since it will stop their Tour Guide plays into Leviar or any other XYZ it can also stop Rabbit from bringing out Kabazauls, as well as stopping 2 Sabersaurus from becoming an Evolzaur.

The second card works similarly well being Rivalry of Warlords which only allows players to control 1 type of monster, this shuts down both decks big plays which is obviously very helpful.

So what do you have to do to make this strategy work for you is run a deck that won't be hurt by these same cards.

For Rivalry of Warlords - Six Samurai, E-Heros, Gadgets, Straight up Inzectors

For Gozen Match - Gadgets, Inzectors, Scraps, and anything else that utilizes 1 Attribute.

Good Luck.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Wind-Up Combo's Part 1

Hey guys,

I have been doing some extensive play testing, preparing for YCS Long Beach.

In so I have tried to learn all the tricks of the Wind-Up deck since that will be one of the major threats I will be facing in Long Beach.

Combo 1/ Play 1

They play Wind-Up Magician activate Shark, this is going to spell doom for you. If you have Veiler this is the moment you play it on the Magician. This will stop the loop and combo, if your opponent has a second shark, you will still get looped but at least you will keep your hand.

Combo 1 / Play 2

If the opponent did the same play but this time had a factory, you have to Veiler the Magician but be prepared for them to go into the swarm loop or create any Rank 3, 4, or 5.

Combo 2 / Play 1

Summon a level 3 Wind-Up, activate and special summon Wind-Up Shark make it a level 3 and exceed for Wind-Up Carrier Zenmaity in response to them activating the effect use Veiler this should end the loop.

Combo 2 / Play 2

Same combo as previous except they use Tour Guide, you need Veiler to stop the effect of Zenmaity.

All of these plays are weak to Effect Veiler, but again you must draw Veiler to stop these plays, this is where the format is going. If you can create a deck that can top deck strong and isn't worried about sending cards to the graveyard you shouldn't be to scared of this match-up.

Don't get me wrong it is quite unfair if they draw the combos however the deck can often draw poorly and the opponents only option is to sit on a Wind-Up Rabbit until they can begin to generate combos.

A proper Inzektor deck should have a great match up since it is a deck full of strong top decks and filling the grave can never hurt.

Good luck, and think hard.


Sunday, 22 January 2012

Little Rant About UDE VS Konami

Hey guys,

I understand this maybe old news but I have been thinking about this topic again recently, it is involving rulings.

Lets first understand that the new problem solving text is "great" and flawless and obviously causes no confusion.

If you didn't get it I was being sarcastic, what I loved about UDE Upperdeck was the fact that they would constantly post updated information about cards and the way certain cards work with each other.

This could all be found on the website, they would constantly post erratas which I could argue were errors in their part but at least they admitted it and tried to address it.

Up until Konami released the problem solving text they would also release pages of ruling regarding the brand new cards from the latest set.

Now where do you find current rulings on brand new cards, WIKI!!!

Where would Wiki get its ruling, either way it isn't always a trusted source and I feel like this was just a way for Konami not to worry about it, and do less research on their end.

I like structure, and I like guaranteed factual information found on a trusted website.

Plus it is always a great idea to read up on the rulings when a new set comes out because you may see combos or ideas you wouldn't have otherwise, it helps make you a better player.

Sorry you had to read this little rant, I am not even sure I had a agenda.


Monday, 19 December 2011

Under The Spotlight - Blow with All One's Might

Hey Guys,

I just wanted to quickly cover this common card from Order of Chaos.

Blow with All One's Might, what a name way to long and way to boring.

So I expect the name to be changed for the TCG, since this name isn't appealing.

Anyways why this card is the center of my focus is because I think it has a lot of potential in a very old deck type, this card fits very well in a Asura Priest deck based around the mechanics of Spirit monsters.

So what this card does is targets 1 monster on the field normal spell card, this turn that monster cannot take or deal damage, also not destroyed by battle. After damage calculation the monster that battled this monster is destroyed.

Since Asura Priest can attack every monster the opponent controls and is protected under this spell card every monster you attack will be destroyed. Welcome back Raigeki!

I think this card has tons of potential people just have to figure out what else they can do with it, Mataza the Zapper is a secondary choice but seriously consider Asura Priest as a top contender for a winning deck idea.

I'll see you guys later.


Wednesday, 30 November 2011

2 VS 2 Dueling Rules

Rules For Team Dueling

Banned Cards List
Final Countdown 
Magical Explosion

Generic Rules

Shared 5 monsters, 5 Spell/Trap 1 Field Card, and share a Graveyard

12000 life points each team

Team 1 : Consists of Player A and Player B Team 2: Consists of Player C and Player D
Insert players accordingly.

Turns proceed, as depending on who decides to go first so it would go Player A, Player C, Player B, and then Player D.

If any part of a card affects your opponent's hand, Deck, Extra Deck, then the player activating the card effect must choose 1 of their opponents to apply the entire effect of the card to. EXAMPLES: "Memory Crusher", "Secret Barrel", "Crush Card Virus", “Trishula”, “Dragged Down Into The Grave”, “Needle Worm”, “Mind Crush”

If a card affects "both players", all 4 players are affected. EXAMPLE: "Dark World Dealings" is activated.
All 4 players will each draw a card, then each discard a card. “Card Destruction”, “Morphing Jar”, “Necroface”, “Royal Tribute” A player can use teammate’s cards they control as Tributes, Fusion Materials/Synchro Materials/XYZ Materials, or to pay the cost of a card or as part of an effect.

Pot of Duality – Both players can’t special summon the turn it is activated.

Pot of Avarice – Obviously return five monsters back to the owners decks.

Monster card effects that activate in graveyard resolve based on who is the cards original owner, Example Sangan, Mystic Tomato.
If a card is set on the field any player can activate it during the appropriate turn.

Infernity cards reference the turn player, if you control no cards in your hand then the effects can resolve.

Field Spell Cards – Are shared among teammates, effects can be resolved for both players during their respective turns. “Dragon Ravine”, “The Gates of Dark World”, “Ojama Country”

If you control a face-up card, which is owned by your partner you can resolve the effects. Gemini monsters can be second summoned by a partner. “Dark Smog”, Snipe Hunter”,

Cards the state each player can only use the effect of that card once, if your Glow-Up Bulb is in your shared graveyard your partner may as well activate the effect of that Bulb, since you are to different players. EX. “Glow-Up Bulb”, “Blackwing – Zephyros the Elite”, “Spore”

During your turn effects: Lightsworn monsters sending cards to the graveyard during your End Phase, will mill cards during your partners turn from the turn players deck. This also applies for Koa’Ki Meiru.

Treeborn Frog can activate during either players standby phase.

Good luck,



Tuesday, 29 November 2011

I Want Reform! Dueling Network!

Hey guys,

At school so I can't post a video about this right now.

But I have to get this idea out there, it is about fixing the quality of player on Dueling Network.

How this will work is that larger/good players will create lists of players on Dueling Network that understand basic gameplay and play proper decks.

What I want is a Trusted Traders List for dueling network, where people will give REF's to people who deserve it and will create a Micro Community of players worth playing on Dueling Network.

So, I need this to be spread around. Tell everyone you can, so we can fix this injustice.

My latest horror story is from a game I played last night,

I was online building my deck, one of my viewers messaged me and asked me to play.

I accepted, he was playing blackwings with lots of unorthodox cards that are "BAD" but I didn't demean him or be rude, we continued to play. I was over all winning I had card advantage.

I win game one, we go to game 2. I have 2 monsters my third Tengu and TG Librarian, he specials Cyber Dragon, then plays Lightning Vortex, I activate Enemy Controller steal his monster.

He says, "Your Good".

Next Turn I go off, and he just quits game.

I was offended I gave him the time to play and he just left.

Either way, we need to make a list of players on Dueling Network who are worth the time for Practice.

I need the challenge and no frustration.

Thanks guys,