Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Wind-Up Combo's Part 1

Hey guys,

I have been doing some extensive play testing, preparing for YCS Long Beach.

In so I have tried to learn all the tricks of the Wind-Up deck since that will be one of the major threats I will be facing in Long Beach.

Combo 1/ Play 1

They play Wind-Up Magician activate Shark, this is going to spell doom for you. If you have Veiler this is the moment you play it on the Magician. This will stop the loop and combo, if your opponent has a second shark, you will still get looped but at least you will keep your hand.

Combo 1 / Play 2

If the opponent did the same play but this time had a factory, you have to Veiler the Magician but be prepared for them to go into the swarm loop or create any Rank 3, 4, or 5.

Combo 2 / Play 1

Summon a level 3 Wind-Up, activate and special summon Wind-Up Shark make it a level 3 and exceed for Wind-Up Carrier Zenmaity in response to them activating the effect use Veiler this should end the loop.

Combo 2 / Play 2

Same combo as previous except they use Tour Guide, you need Veiler to stop the effect of Zenmaity.

All of these plays are weak to Effect Veiler, but again you must draw Veiler to stop these plays, this is where the format is going. If you can create a deck that can top deck strong and isn't worried about sending cards to the graveyard you shouldn't be to scared of this match-up.

Don't get me wrong it is quite unfair if they draw the combos however the deck can often draw poorly and the opponents only option is to sit on a Wind-Up Rabbit until they can begin to generate combos.

A proper Inzektor deck should have a great match up since it is a deck full of strong top decks and filling the grave can never hurt.

Good luck, and think hard.



  1. Ah as a wind-up player I take offense to thinking u can stop us wit a dumb effect valior bud I'd eat u if u underestimated my deck like this! I have ways around effect vailor actually very many same as maxx c and gorz plus just about anything else Ur thinking don't underestimate wind-up guys they are currently the best deck in the world for a reason and the only and first tier 1.5! We only need one or two cards to make Ur life hell how many does it take u to do that like get original and actually do Ur research!