Sunday, 22 January 2012

Little Rant About UDE VS Konami

Hey guys,

I understand this maybe old news but I have been thinking about this topic again recently, it is involving rulings.

Lets first understand that the new problem solving text is "great" and flawless and obviously causes no confusion.

If you didn't get it I was being sarcastic, what I loved about UDE Upperdeck was the fact that they would constantly post updated information about cards and the way certain cards work with each other.

This could all be found on the website, they would constantly post erratas which I could argue were errors in their part but at least they admitted it and tried to address it.

Up until Konami released the problem solving text they would also release pages of ruling regarding the brand new cards from the latest set.

Now where do you find current rulings on brand new cards, WIKI!!!

Where would Wiki get its ruling, either way it isn't always a trusted source and I feel like this was just a way for Konami not to worry about it, and do less research on their end.

I like structure, and I like guaranteed factual information found on a trusted website.

Plus it is always a great idea to read up on the rulings when a new set comes out because you may see combos or ideas you wouldn't have otherwise, it helps make you a better player.

Sorry you had to read this little rant, I am not even sure I had a agenda.


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  1. I didn't get what the fuck your post was about lol, but I'm guessing you're whining about something about ruling sources. IMO Konami is doing fine with rulings and erratas and there is the TCG Q&A on many forums about YGO that can help you with rulings.

    And only retards use YGO wikia lolz.