Monday, 19 December 2011

Under The Spotlight - Blow with All One's Might

Hey Guys,

I just wanted to quickly cover this common card from Order of Chaos.

Blow with All One's Might, what a name way to long and way to boring.

So I expect the name to be changed for the TCG, since this name isn't appealing.

Anyways why this card is the center of my focus is because I think it has a lot of potential in a very old deck type, this card fits very well in a Asura Priest deck based around the mechanics of Spirit monsters.

So what this card does is targets 1 monster on the field normal spell card, this turn that monster cannot take or deal damage, also not destroyed by battle. After damage calculation the monster that battled this monster is destroyed.

Since Asura Priest can attack every monster the opponent controls and is protected under this spell card every monster you attack will be destroyed. Welcome back Raigeki!

I think this card has tons of potential people just have to figure out what else they can do with it, Mataza the Zapper is a secondary choice but seriously consider Asura Priest as a top contender for a winning deck idea.

I'll see you guys later.



  1. dont you thinks its a better idea with machine lord ur?? that guy stays on the field at least giving you a plus1 advantage. nd some tuners like glow up bulb or psychic commander can give you a naturia beast, landoise or even barkion.

  2. Jurrac Monoloph seems to make a lot more sense since its part of a half decent archetype already.

    Cool card indeed.