Wednesday, 30 November 2011

2 VS 2 Dueling Rules

Rules For Team Dueling

Banned Cards List
Final Countdown 
Magical Explosion

Generic Rules

Shared 5 monsters, 5 Spell/Trap 1 Field Card, and share a Graveyard

12000 life points each team

Team 1 : Consists of Player A and Player B Team 2: Consists of Player C and Player D
Insert players accordingly.

Turns proceed, as depending on who decides to go first so it would go Player A, Player C, Player B, and then Player D.

If any part of a card affects your opponent's hand, Deck, Extra Deck, then the player activating the card effect must choose 1 of their opponents to apply the entire effect of the card to. EXAMPLES: "Memory Crusher", "Secret Barrel", "Crush Card Virus", “Trishula”, “Dragged Down Into The Grave”, “Needle Worm”, “Mind Crush”

If a card affects "both players", all 4 players are affected. EXAMPLE: "Dark World Dealings" is activated.
All 4 players will each draw a card, then each discard a card. “Card Destruction”, “Morphing Jar”, “Necroface”, “Royal Tribute” A player can use teammate’s cards they control as Tributes, Fusion Materials/Synchro Materials/XYZ Materials, or to pay the cost of a card or as part of an effect.

Pot of Duality – Both players can’t special summon the turn it is activated.

Pot of Avarice – Obviously return five monsters back to the owners decks.

Monster card effects that activate in graveyard resolve based on who is the cards original owner, Example Sangan, Mystic Tomato.
If a card is set on the field any player can activate it during the appropriate turn.

Infernity cards reference the turn player, if you control no cards in your hand then the effects can resolve.

Field Spell Cards – Are shared among teammates, effects can be resolved for both players during their respective turns. “Dragon Ravine”, “The Gates of Dark World”, “Ojama Country”

If you control a face-up card, which is owned by your partner you can resolve the effects. Gemini monsters can be second summoned by a partner. “Dark Smog”, Snipe Hunter”,

Cards the state each player can only use the effect of that card once, if your Glow-Up Bulb is in your shared graveyard your partner may as well activate the effect of that Bulb, since you are to different players. EX. “Glow-Up Bulb”, “Blackwing – Zephyros the Elite”, “Spore”

During your turn effects: Lightsworn monsters sending cards to the graveyard during your End Phase, will mill cards during your partners turn from the turn players deck. This also applies for Koa’Ki Meiru.

Treeborn Frog can activate during either players standby phase.

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