Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Deck Concept - Watts

Hey guys,

today I will be posting a theory portion for my upcoming Watt deck.

What the deck does well and what I want to accomplish with it.

What the deck does:

1. Watt Cobra - Attacks directly and adds 1 Watt monster from deck to hand.
    Then you can protect Cobra with Watt Cancel a counter trap that requires you to discard 1 Watt Monster for an effect similar to Solemn Warning.

2. They have 2 other monsters with 1000 attack that can attack directly that aren't horrible.

What I think is the most important thing to understand is that you want to play this deck similar to a deck revolved around protecting the floater.

What this means is, you attack with Cobra and you now add another Watt to your hand if you have Cancel you can stop your opponent from summoning and in turn attacking Watt Cobra, you can play stall in the name of Messenger of Peace so that your weak monsters can still attack directly and your opponent can't attack you.

2 unique cards you can also abuse are Recycling Batteries which adds 2 thunder monsters with 1500 attack from your graveyard back to your hand. The other card you can utilize which is very unique is Wattcine which is a countinous spell card that every time one of your thunder monsters inflicts direct damage you gain an amount equal to the damage to your life points.

I think that can create some unique situations and all you to support Starlight Road, since you may have additional cards on the field at any given time.

That is the nuts and bolts of what I think is important about this archtype, I will be working on a competitive version in the next few days.

I recently bought The Legend of Zelda : Skyward Sword, it is addictive and I have to stay focused on finished my classes and coming up with great content for you guys.

If you have any suggestions for my Watt Deck please leave a comment and help make this competitive.



  1. Red screen+Wattcine= lock
    Hola soy de mexico, espero ver pronto tu propuesta, tengo tiempo usando watts, son mejor de lo que se piensa

  2. Play dimensional fissure, the deck doesn't care if its monsters go to grave or not and it's good vs most top decks right now.

  3. The hopperlock is the best move of this deck. With the searching power of wattcobra you are able to get watthoppers to your hand and with the new card photon lead you can get the lock out on the field even easier. WAttdragonfly is a good card because it replaces itself when it is destroyed by battle or card effect so you can SS the hopper and then next turn normal another one. The only way to get rid of the lock is mass destruction cards that don't target like dark hole, mirror force, torrential tribute, and blackrose. If you protect the lock with starlight road and keep attacking directly with cobra or giraffe you are going to win.