Tuesday, 29 November 2011

I Want Reform! Dueling Network!

Hey guys,

At school so I can't post a video about this right now.

But I have to get this idea out there, it is about fixing the quality of player on Dueling Network.

How this will work is that larger/good players will create lists of players on Dueling Network that understand basic gameplay and play proper decks.

What I want is a Trusted Traders List for dueling network, where people will give REF's to people who deserve it and will create a Micro Community of players worth playing on Dueling Network.

So, I need this to be spread around. Tell everyone you can, so we can fix this injustice.

My latest horror story is from a game I played last night,

I was online building my deck, one of my viewers messaged me and asked me to play.

I accepted, he was playing blackwings with lots of unorthodox cards that are "BAD" but I didn't demean him or be rude, we continued to play. I was over all winning I had card advantage.

I win game one, we go to game 2. I have 2 monsters my third Tengu and TG Librarian, he specials Cyber Dragon, then plays Lightning Vortex, I activate Enemy Controller steal his monster.

He says, "Your Good".

Next Turn I go off, and he just quits game.

I was offended I gave him the time to play and he just left.

Either way, we need to make a list of players on Dueling Network who are worth the time for Practice.

I need the challenge and no frustration.

Thanks guys,




  1. If you rating is under 1000 on DN, you are not going to consistently play top decks or good players. People need to stop complaining and just get a better rating.

  2. My name on DN is nymets15. And my rating/rep is 1500/1050....once I got over 1300..all I played were good players that never misplay..and it becomes incredibly difficult...it takes a lot of work and time..but if you want the best experience on DN, then you need to put time into it. If you cannot get over 1200 or stay at 1200, then you know you need a better deck or your just not good enough.

  3. Trust me...I've dealt with sooooo many bad players and trolls. But once you get your rating higher and higher, DN will become a great experience and and a great place to test out your deck and skills against good players.

  4. Rating/Rep is proportionate to how much you play, it isn't necessarily indicative of how good a player one is. From my experience, some people seek to boost their stats by playing 1 game only and refusing rematches while using 'game 1'decks like Exodia / Final Countdown / Burn, which are less effective post-siding.

    Some of the players with names starting with "!", (found at the top of the list of online players) and consistently have a ton of people watching their games, are atrocious.