Saturday, 10 September 2011

Today's Tech - Wiseman's Chalice

Hey Guys,
This card gained a lot of hype coming the release of XYZ's, however once they got here this card fell of the radar.

This is a normal spell card that when played special summons one monster from your opponents graveyard, you are unable to sync with the monster. At the end of the turn the monster is shifted to your opponents side of the field.

What makes this card useful is the fact that you can still attack with the monster, and when you are doing attacking you can overlay it with another monster and make a great XYZ.

It also has lots of other applications but this is prolly the most effective way, remember that when you attack with the monster and kill a monster this makes it a floater so when you make an XYZ it isn't wasting resources.

Good luck guys,

I will post again on Tuesday.


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  1. i thought of that already but even with dark hole i still have monsters on board way too many floaters in the game now it's okay i wouldn't use it but thats me we already have too many revival cards anyways