Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Todays Tech - Kycoo The Ghost Destroyer

Hey Guys,

Just as I begin to type my second Post I can already remember how much I love doing this.

So today I'm going to be telling you guys why you should either be main decking or side decking Kycoo The Ghost Destroyer.

First of all it is a level 4 monsters with 1800ATK and 700DEF, it is a Dark Spellcaster, while this card is face-up on the field your opponent cannot remove cards from the graveyard. Secondly when this card inflicts damage to your opponent you can remove up to 2 cards from the opponents graveyard.

So upon the recent success of the Agents (Fairy's) I have come to the conclusion that Kycoo can effectively shut this deck down, stopping a lot of their larger plays and holding them at bay,

On that same not, it can really effect Zombies since they require cards in grave and often remove from play cards from the grave.

For obvious reasons this is also really strong against (Plants, Frogs, Scraps and Dragunity) remove from play key cards the decks just shut down.

Obviously it can hurt other decks and slow them down but it doesn't instantly ruin their strategy, so I hope Kycoo can find a new home in your deck.

If you have any thoughts or comments on how else you can use Kycoo leave a comment, or any suggestions of future Tech, leave me a comment!

I may have a deck profile for you guys on Friday from a reader/viewer.

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  1. From my perspective, Kycoo only seems to be useful against a clear field, or possibly against a lone Reborn Tengu or Dark Grepher.

    Of course, the attack has to go through, which means that the numerous back rows played in most decks can stop it. With Junk Doppel, they usually have Ryko and what-not to Set and protect themselves, whereas Frog Monarchs have Battle Fader. And, some Fairy builds use The Sanctuary in the Sky, meaning that you have to attack through a clear field to get Kycoo's effect.

    It's still a great card, but I prefer Banisher of the Radiance. While both Banisher and Kycoo die horribly to Ryko, Banisher can run over recruiters and stuff like Dandylion to get rid of them right away.

    Kycoo only hits stuff in the Graveyard and would be rather slow against Junk Doppel after they get T.G. Hyper Librarian. Even now, it's horrible to waste a Normal Summon against them. Their Normal Summons count, so you have to make yours count as well.