Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Under The Spotlight - Debunk

Hey guys,

Today I am going to highlight why Debunk should have a home in your sidedeck and also potential in a counter fairy build.

First of all Debunk can be activated to Negate the activation of an Effect Monsters effect that activates in the hand or graveyard and then it is removed from play.

So lets state some of the cards this can negate, Gorz, Effect Veiler, D.D. Crow. These are more of the generic cards that a lot of people play.

When you make it more specific this card can completely shut down Treeborn Frog which obviously is huge, plus having it me so versitile just makes it a better asset then D.D. Crow. On that same note it has the same utility as a Chain Disappearance would.

If you were playing against a Vayu Turbo this is one of the only cards that could stop it in its tracks, as well as a lot of the plant engine cards like Spore, Glow-Up Bulb and anything else that activates in grave.

You can also side this card in your decks as an answer to Effect Veiler, like if your playing Fish OTK and you instantly lose to Effect Veiler well side this card in and now your perfectly safe.

I hope you guys found this helpful and thanks for stopping by,


Question of the Day: How many of you guys play Pokemon Black or White?


  1. i play pokemon but im getting bored of it

  2. Nah man, I play old school Pokemon Yellow!

  3. Drako, I enjoy your insights into the game.

    Here's a question - why does Debunk stop Battle Fader and Gorz but does not stop Cyber Dragon and Creation Resonator?

    I've never quite gotten the "starting a chain" concept.

  4. Cyber Dragon's special summon ability, unlike Battle Fader and Gorz, is a condition, not an effect. Effects can be negated by other cards, but conditions cannot.

  5. Thanks LFN - that's the most succinct comment I've seen on this topic.

    Do most conditions begin with "If"?

    If so, treeborn frog may be an exception. However, the end of the card says "This EFFECT cannot be activated ..." If these words were left off, I assume most would consider it condition.

    Thanks, HvD

  6. treeborn frog doesnt have a condition, its a trigger effect that activates in the graveyard, which starts a chain. cyber dragon is a condition, which does not start a chain.