Monday, 20 June 2011

Under The Spotlight - Dragunity Tribus

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today I will be covering a recently forgotten deck type Dragunity's, obviously regarding the title the main subject of todays blog is Tribus.

Dragunity Tribus is a Level 1 wind type,
500 ATK and 300 DEF
Winged Beast

When this card is normal or special summoned you can 1 level 3 or lower dragon type monster from your deck to the grave.

So this card is a Foolish Burial that combos well with the Dragunity theme.

First of all of course you can send Phalanx or Aklys to the graveyard, which is wicked cause thats what the deck needs.

Secondly you can send Tribus to the graveyard to special summon Dragunity Arma Mystletainn, which in turn can equip Phalanx and synchro into a level 8 monster.

The other things you can do is offer it as a tribute for Spiritual Wind Art or Icarus Attack! Both of these help control the opponent and obviously put in you in a better posistion.

Remember you can bring out Tribus with Flying Kamakari, and with Vortex the Whirlwing and still get his effect.

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