Monday, 4 July 2011

Todays Tech - Banisher of the Radiance

Hey guys,

Today I'm going to be discussing Banisher, it is a great card that is quite under played.

It is a level 3 Light Monster, with 1600 ATK and a huge 0 DEF. It is also a Fairy!

Effect : Any card sent to the graveyard is removed from play instead.

So obviously we can understand that alot of decks are going to have a hard time with this card since a majority of popular decks require set up in the graveyard. "Plants, Fairy's, Lightsworn, Chaos``

What else is important to take notice of is that it can also shut down alot of key cards to alot of strategies, like any Recruiter and a majority of popular decks use a Recruiter, ``Gravekeepers, Psychics, X-Sabers, and any deck involving Tour Guide of the Underworld since there major play is grab Sangan.``

Being a Fairy finally opens a new door for this guy to be combined with Cards From the Sky to allow a new consistant way to draw more cards, as well when Banisher dies it will go to the graveyard so you then can use it to fulfill the requirements of Archlord Kristya.

The last import thing to remember is you want to keep Banisher alive at any cost, so you have to support it with spells and traps. Once it is on the field the opponent will be struggling to kill it, and if you are able to slow them down and protect it then you most surely will win.

Happy 4th of July!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. The one problem I have with this guy is that it dies to Reborn Tengu, which you can't stop unless you have Solemn Warning.